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Jan. 23rd, 2009

After I went to bed last night there was a big Aretha Hat Icon Meme going on and people went nuts putting it on every fucking icon they own.

But currently, this is my favorite gif of the year.... BRB lolling my ass off.

OK I'M BACK...  This makes me lol too.


OMG He creeps me out on a regular day... on a Hat Day I cannot even stand it...

mmmm on the other hand.... Oh Denny....  I hope I never have dreams of him because I'll be convinced I'm dyyyyyying.

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Wow. Never thought I'd be posting this.

Prompted by duhneese, I discovered that Tito has struck again. It's shocking but then it's not.

Summer of 2004 I lived and worked in Washington DC. I was friends with superstar_pig for at least 2 years and then we finally decided he would fly out and meet me. He only visited twice and in between those visits he was "hospitalized" for his cancer, and snickersaddict stuck up for him at the time saying when he goes off grid there's no way anyone can find him. I would have appreciated an addition of "and watch your back honey," but there was none.

So he *poof* reappears again and gee aren't I SO thankful that he's surviving his cancer so well? Because he's decided to stop ALL treatment and he's just going to ride out what is left of his life. So honorable! Then there was a trip to Puerto Rico, which I never really trusted he was even IN Puerto Rico. But instead of scamming me for money like he's done many other LJers, he claimed that he had lots of it. On his 2nd visit he was all "how about I buy an apartment here in DC?" and he was supposedly buying a house in PR. When he was at my house, he tried to give me a new tablet laptop and I refused... (who does that?! buys thousands of dollars worth of something and gives it to someone they hardly know?!) And he had a humongous wad of hundred dollar bills. I was immediately (even more) skeptical because who travels with that kind of money these days? I don't know. Things were growing increasingly *off* and my hackles were getting raised. I had been second guessing things along the way but this was too overwhelming to ignore any longer.

Finally I couldn't take it any more and I asked him to leave. It was almost midnight, I lived in the ghetto, and I didn't care. I opened the door and told him to get out. I didn't want to even TRY to get the truth out of him because he really does believe whatever shit he slings, so what would the point be? So off he went with this thousands in cash and that pricey laptop and I thought, "man, he better hope no one realizes what he's carrying," but that still wasn't enough to allow that liar to be in my home one more second. get out! out! out!

I never said anything about it, and what do you know, a couple days later and superstar_pig was gone, and tafkap was born. I knew it and I saw it then, and I thought good riddance.

Honestly, there needs to be a community set up with all of information consolidated in one place. He's gone from lying that he has cancer, swindling LJers for money, lying that his parents are dead, claiming he retired at 25, lying that he ever received a college degree... it goes on and on. I would still love to know what everyone else knows, and find out exactly what pieces of the truth can be found. Then, maybe he can be outted for once and for all.

When he gets caught, he always deletes his journal, goes underground for a while and then reappears. And he always always always takes some of the same "friends" with him when he resurfaces. It makes me wonder, why would these same people still be friends with someone who does something like this? I've read everything from "well he's a fun drinking buddy" to "he's nice to me". I guess all liars, theives, and abusers need buddies. But I wouldn't be able to stand by and watch as my so-called friend weedles his way into another innocent life to suck it dry. I'm starting to have as much disdain for those people as I do for him. I'm sure this is his way of ensuring that if he ever does get cancer he'll have some friends left to cry over his sorry ass.

Feel free to join piggielies and tell your piece of truth.

First, Only, and Last Public Entry

My journal is friends only.

I started this web journal because I can type much faster than I can write. I started it at a time when I needed a place to write and get things off my chest so that I could sort them out. Since this journal's inception, I've made real life LJ friends, found long-lost real-life friends, and some of my non-LJ friends have learned of my journal.

When I was "anonymous" I felt comfortable posting out in the open. My anonymity is not what it used to be; I don't like the idea of splaying my innermost thoughts, and feelings out on the table for just anyone to read. To me, it feels like someone has wandered into your house to browse around, leaf through your mail, thumb through the clothes. All the while, the wanderer is taking note of the cobwebs, the occasional pile of dirty laundry, checking the fridge and the medicine cabinets-- and sometimes when they're done, they can't wait to get home so they can tell everyone what they've just seen.

I'm just not interested in that sort of experience. So, if you'd like to be added to my friends list, please add me to yours first and introduce yourself by sending an email or commenting here. Just adding me and expecting me to add you back is not the way to go about joining my world, and I normally will not add people back if this is the case.

A "hi, how are you" or some sort of other formal introduction will go a long way in cyberspace. Just beacuse this is a web journal does not mean that the rules of decency and friendship go out the window.

As my mom always told me when I was little, "To have a friend, you have to be one first." :)


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